How We Work

At Callahan Design Group, we strive to create timeless, beautiful interiors that reflect your taste and personality. We respect the overall design of your home or business, and select furnishings, fixtures, and finishes that compliment a group of three women designing a roomyour space and lifestyle. We do not impose a "signature" design style. Rather, we help you realize your design style.

Whether you are refurnishing, remodeling, or starting fresh, we work with you to develop and achieve designs that are harmonious, comfortable, and unique.

We stay abreast of what’s new and exciting in interior design, and share it with you. Our extensive resource library helps you decide what you’d like, as you select new furniture, finishes, paint, tile, hardware, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and other furnishings.

We can help you evaluate your existing furniture, artwork, and accessories, and make recommendations about incorporating them into a new plan. And we draw upon a wealth of exclusive "to the trade” resources to find just the right fabric or the ideal piece of furniture. We encourage you to participate in the design process as much or as little as you desire, and we respect your time and budget.


We provide professional guidance and a trained eye at every stage of your project, as we work with you to:

  • Define your style
  • Develop a budget that provides value and respects your vision
  • Create a refreshing new color scheme
  • Select new furniture, finishes and fixtures
  • Obtain unique pieces to individualize your look
  • Draft plans for improving traffic flow, lighting, electrical layouts, furniture arrangement, accessories and art in your new interior
  • Oversee contractors
  • Find creative solutions to unexpected design challenges
  • Blend form and function to suit your lifestyle or business needs